Detective Bureau Commander:

The Detective Bureau is responsible for investigating all adult related offenses occurring in or reported to the Bloomfield Police Department. The Bureau is currently comprised of 1 Captain, 3 Lieutenants, 1 Sergeant and 19 Detectives. Each case received by the Bureau is evaluated by the Detective Supervisors and assigned to detectives for investigation accordingly. In addition to criminal investigations, the Detective Bureau also is responsible for all firearms investigations and licensing permits, Alcohol Licensing Investigations, the gathering and dissemination of criminal intelligence, and the tracking of sex offenders (Megan’s Law registrants) living in and/or working within the Township. The Detective Bureau investigates such crimes as, homicide, sexual assault, robbery, burglary, theft, fraud, and the sale of narcotics. Members of the Detective Bureau receive ongoing specialized training in various concepts and tactics including advanced interview and interrogation, anti-terrorism training, hostage negotiations, and crime scene analysis, to name a few. The Bloomfield Police Department Crime Scene Unit (CSU), comprised of four detectives, works out of the Detective Bureau and is tasked with responding to crime scenes and gathering vital evidence necessary for criminal investigations.


Ralph Colasanti
Law Enforcement Building
1 Municipal Plaza
Bloomfield NJ 07003